1 single room heat recovery unit with air sanitation ASPIRVELO AIR RHINOComfort RF  Ø 160 mm  Wireless control  High efficiency ceramic heat exchanger up to 90%  Photocatalytic systemwith zero ozone emissions for the sanitation of the air introduced from the outside  Temperature, humidity and brightness sensors  Up to 64 units can be controlled simultaneously  Wall mounting  Suitable for rooms up to 50 m²* DESCRIPTION: The RHINOCOMFORT RF system is composed by one or more single-room high efficieny heat recovery units suitable for exterior walls installation. Thanks to the ceramic heat exchanger inside the unit, the heat of the extracted air is accumulated in the heat exchanger and released to the air flow in the intake cycle. In addition to heat recovery, the system sanitizes the air coming from outside through the photo catalysis process. Thanks to the combined action of a LED light that illuminates the conduit through which the air and the water vapor contained in it passes through, RHINOCOMFORTRF decomposes the harmful substances present in the introduced air, transforming them into harmless substances. The unit is equipped with a G3 filters. Each ventilating unit is equipped with a DC brushless motor with low power cosumption controlled by a microprocessor which automatically sets the speed ENER GIA -ΕНЕРГИЯ -ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑ -ENE RGIJA -ENERGY -ENERGIE -ENERGI 2016 1254/2014 45 db AP19990 RHINOCOMFORT160RF 68m³/h A * based on: - air exchange equal to 0.5 Vol / h - local height 2.70 meters Calculation example: ambient surface x 2.70 meters x 0.5 Vol / h Remote control Heat recovery unit